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The Guardian – Cryptic crossword No 28,411 – Apr 5 2021 Crossword Answers

Published in The Guardian Cryptic Crossword.

Clues Answers
… and a bit distant APART
A despicable man about to pocket one bit of bling? TIARA
Aeroplane makes bouncy noise, full of echo BOEING
Agrees law needs modifying to show true value of packet REALWAGES
At wedding, one who assists our side and the bride? USHER
Bog plant in small border SEDGE
Censors prominent headlines BANNERS
Changes at home and goes to bed TURNSIN
Cleans out revolting government office CONSULATE
Condition that is barely noticeable NUDITY
Daughter is to take care of balloon DISTEND
Deprived of exciting adverts STARVED
Detectives chase sailor to a police box TARDIS
Diamonds, for example, young girl put on smart dress MINORSUIT
End of play is baffling STUMPS
Fabulous time when we were so successful at the Olympics? AGEOFGOLD
Fearful of such a breakdown NERVOUS
Figure cathedral is majestic STATELY
Gateman finally grants admission SENTRY
Give the impression of a very quiet listener APPEAR
Husband of Florence? TUSCAN
Initially heavy duty keeps one sharp HONED
Is angry, having to move shrub SYRINGA
Minuscule coals were blown about LOWERCASE
One may be suited by this second short journey through wood PINSTRIPE
Perhaps Russian editor worked hard SLAVED
Publicly expose talent I’ve wasted VENTILATE
Star name, one adopting fashionable diet VEGAN
Tiny amount of French potage given to prisoner SOUPCON
While speaking glanced through mail, very important REDLETTER
Woman has a fine bundle of papers SHEAF
Woman is a bit more needy … RENEE