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The Guardian – Cryptic crossword No 28,413 – Apr 7 2021 Crossword Answers

Published in The Guardian Cryptic Crossword.

Clues Answers
2 in 100 Poles have a duty to go inside NOUGHTS
A basis for prayers PRIEDIEU
Aim at spot at centre of token SEEK
Asiatic cooks taking cocaine for painful condition SCIATICA
Astute, missing nothing, considering disorder DISCERNING
At first sight, a campfire’s about to engulf one PRIMAFACIE
Black-eyed Susan, environmental activist and international ace THUNBERGIA
Disparaging term for a medium asteroid orbiting round America STEAMRADIO
Dodgy dealer goes in back way for sewing machine parts TREADLES
Hair transplant claim involving setters? MUSICAL
Has old bowler possibly arrived at end of pitch? HATH
In the outskirts of Los Angeles, snake passes for fish? LADDERS
Infection of one’s darling __ getting one shot IMPETIGO
Keeper likely to get a buzz from a new strip to go over international one APIARIST
Native American doctor, one who favours war MOHAWK
Neatly replacing one with daughter, Merry TIDDLY
Placed in centre pile: ‘Psycho¬≠logical Recurring Attacks’ EPILEPSY
Put out drugs for trials CROSSES
Rock group members’ initially short tempers STONES
Rockers possibly making church appearances CHAIRS
Round bag CATCH
Said to be a conflicted character’s mask HIDE
Sailor Bill opens two consecutive letters JACK
Stranger from France reorganised IKEA on return FREAKIER
Surgical procedure means life and beginnings of prodigious sex __ yes! BIOPSY
Treacherous types: racers, perhaps SNAKES
Wife is a printer? Shows she’s not being serious WINKS
X-ray unit or back specialist hospital department’s information ROENTGEN