The Guardian – Cryptic crossword No 28,513 – Aug 2 2021 Crossword Answer

Clues Answers
A doctor’s round for relative DAD
A horse moves on to dry land ASHORE
A proportion of leaf carrying recent damage PERCENTAGE
Aircraft’s detailed schedule PLAN
Attack is in good shape FIT
Best time for mowing meadow, do we hear? HEYDAY
Coming out for air, regret it’s cooler REFRIGERATOR
Currency invested in support for plant, a hot one CAYENNE
Disputing remark on profit GAINSAYING
Estrangement from a people embracing untruth ALIENATION
From airline, gift for primate BABOON
Ginger, perhaps reduced and added to a jelly ASPIC
Go with some extra velocity? TRAVEL
It is an advantage to go slowly EDGE
John, name for diver LOON
Linesman appointed at Palace POETLAUREATE
Mark a pig going over some wood MAHOGANY
Nick a translation of Sartre ARREST
Not so hairy __ rubbish! BALDERDASH
One that kills for pride by swooping around BIRDOFPREY
Predatory type not approved by union WILDCAT
Question about energy that goes into cheese-making WHEY
Romance is nothing connected with business LOVEAFFAIR
Seat is bad for sleep SIESTA
Shatter in manifest cold SHIVER
Shocked when a page got boring APPALLED
Sort of interest in enclosure COMPOUND
Summon everybody to enter competition CALLUP
Vast sum Nero wasted: nothing saved ENORMOUS
Wounding remark finally hurt relative TAUNT

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