The Guardian – Cryptic crossword No 28,517 – Aug 6 2021 Crossword Answer

Clues Answers
Address to superior officer going back and forth in wind SIROCCO
After opening of bottle, down coke in New York BLOW
Alaskan often on the pull is quiet after sex MALEMUTE
British feller’s posters BLOGGERS
Desperate disheartened Madame Bovary? EMMA
Each French writer holding universal sway PERSUADE
Errand boy not following viable plan GOER
Evil at heart, become bad and spiteful VIPERISH
Guy backing fighter where he had a thrilling fight? MANILA
Harder pork pie consumed by pilot STEELIER
Lager better in a cocktail? It’s too bad REGRETTABLE
Loss of guts from fish biting large parts of line COLDFEET
Musician’s time to follow sextet again VIBIST
Name again protected by secret? It leaks RETITLE
Princess has aged no end ISOLDE
River feature, one parent of ugly ducklings? ASWANDAM
Sci-fi writer’s bit of exaltation in religious group CLARKE
Setter gasping a small feature of Windows CASEMENT
Shades including black on woodcut TBONESTEAK
Stripping off, assistant crime-fighter breaks gun out UNROBING
Swallowing tablet, recover in truth REALLY
Thin quality of cape put on head of Swiss bank? SLENDERNESS
Time (100 years) in enclosure like each other across answer? BIRDCAGE
Trump, scratching bottom, is a terrible fellow IVAN
Wanting wood mite burned, unfortunately UNTIMBERED
What stalker does for walks, oddly PROWLS

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