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The Guardian – Cryptic crossword No 28,523 – Aug 13 2021 Crossword Answer

Published in The Guardian Cryptic Crossword.

Clues Answers
20 chap surrounded by 20 British islands COMANECI
20 god exercises THORPE
20 imbibing contents of glass, viscous stuff MOLASSES
20 in elevated Egyptian city ZEUS
20 run BOLT
A batter in 20 boundaries Parameters
Ask one fellow 20 POSEIDON
Bags in stock, those remaining for one with a blocked nose? UDDERS
Bird with 20 in shooting? PIGEON
Depend on cash, having invested thousand on ring LOOKTO
Dissident in favour of analysis PROTESTING
Eye Scot about to claim first in pentathlon — these races adapted? ECOTYPES
Farah and 20, those called upon MOBILES
Frequently found in spring, dead tissue in mouth SOFTPALATE
Further cost unfortunately about right for removing devices EXTRACTORS
God in bar MARS
Little bit inspired by some science ANATOMY
Main call by patriots initially welcomed by Muslim 20 SHIPAHOY
Mole, for example, with bad joint, did you say? DIARIST
Ogler is a cavalier in place for Muslim women SERAGLIO
Power is useful for 20 PHELPS
Rash reason 20 uses pressure to force out leader in marathon HERPES
Reportedly, something green on the table — trees BAYS
Sporting god secured by the rack, or somehow enslaved? OLYMPIAN
Trainer asleep I gathered before start of race ESPALIER
Trunk kept by tenant, or sold TORSO
What about craft for Gaia? EARTH
Worker, 20 star ANTARES