The Guardian – Cryptic crossword No 28,526 – Aug 17 2021 Crossword Answer

Clues Answers
A challenge keeping close to Jennifer and Dawn ARRIVAL
Accepting work, easily filled a basket FIELDGOAL
Army personnel will feed them ANTEATERS
Attentive husband occasionally found out __ slippery character to catch! HEEDFUL
Auctioneer carelessly spilling sweetheart’s drink COINTREAU
Correctly positioned on motor­way when lorry at the front pulled out __ ridiculous! INANE
Crosses town to get suit, changing direction once THWARTS
Entertaining woman in stock­ings __ time to get extremely suspicious HOSTESS
Henry has two islands and part of another HAITI
Historical victim of prejudice, right? Lady suffered terribly ALFREDDREYFUS
Lets out cry: ‘Don’t move a muscle!’ FREES
Lowry’s first painting lacking substance? What about Turner? LATHE
Naughty boy __ story about Tom maybe giving finger IMPLICATE
Not a reason to give up __ an inspiration ERATO
One confirming truth about Scotland’s number one poet VERSIFIER
Range of paintings defaced URALS
Round back of house, see mostly older type of plant SENECIO
Seat about six inside trailer PREVIEW
Shabby Italian rider’s content to go up bridle path ROTTENROW
Showing signs of damage in chicken run SCARRED
Small bottle, as originally described by Collins? PHIAL
Sun’s nice and relaxing __ but could this presage a change? RAINDANCE
They shared troughs, perhaps DRAUGHTHORSES
Totally clean? Not you, no way, Mr Johnson PREMIER
What will Jack do? That bloke’s going to cause trouble! RAISEHELL
When running helps at a fight HALFPASTEIGHT
Wind-up? Why to be wary LEERY

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