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The Guardian – Cryptic crossword No 28,527 – Aug 18 2021 Crossword Answer

Published in The Guardian Cryptic Crossword.

Clues Answers
2 and 4 expressed as a 12 INLIEU
Ant ‘n’ Dec say really good jokes without cracking COWORKERS
Biden regularly on time visiting Conservative after no bad publicity NOTORIETY
Charlie joins a book club __ he should know his way around CABDRIVER
Court date leading to deal, maybe WOOD
Credit petrol company over bioenergy reserve fund __ ultimately, it’s inward-looking CROSSEYED
Crime writer __ one with wicked output CHANDLER
Essential items named before marriage (introductions to dating sites) NEEDS
First part of play has touching effect ACTION
Flamboyant jumper worn by choice, oddly ROCOCO
How’s your father after little brother sent back cycle? ORBIT
Insect breaking in to ferret’s food store PANTRY
Make changes to help pair secure operation HIP
Mushroom feast SPREAD
Nurse fits in coil, say, rejecting all potential for breeding? GENEPOOL
Perhaps Shearer offers this nose around German and Italian training for starters PUNDITRY
Preen Oscar for university ball DOLLOP
Pugilist’s complaint about shoulder, essentially __ I’m afraid of boxing shame? CAULIFLOWER
Put kilo on, occasionally full of fig pudding KULFI
Rover corporation’s retaining a lawyer with personal hygiene issue GADABOUT
See 8 EAR
Spill lime and soda over men returning to supply toilets LADIESROOM
Stuck-up doctor eating egg I cooked RIGGED
Suspended journalist on board STAYED
Swedish on vacation love cycling to clear stuff away SHOVEL
Temporarily take refuge __ appropriate for all to ring BORROW
The topless ladies’ man turned up with an ecclesiastical scholar THEOLOGIAN
Transport runs on iron railway FERRY
Travel about collecting papers RIDE