The Guardian – Cryptic crossword No 28,528 – Aug 19 2021 Crossword Answer

Clues Answers
Bring up troops to north, crossing island MENTION
Buck model artist up DOLLAR
Call back, demanding sandwiches NAME
Claiming right to shelter amid trouble with government PATENTING
Complete review of ancient language, say, after study CONGENITAL
Country hotelier in China PASTORAL
Customers, returning dessert, chose superior version TRADEDUP
Economy measure derived from parking in sports car, initially? MILESPERGALLON
Explains a loss suffered by flighty courtesans CONSTRUES
Fanatic regularly struck opponent ANTI
Improvement helping to keep class online? REFORMATION
Industrial waste slick on west-facing borders of France EFFLUENT
Liberal Spanish gent added to working capital LONDON
Means of protecting Romeo during affair ARMOUR
More famiiar Conservative defeated opponent CLOSER
Muggins heading off to join forces ALLY
Nth trip en route involved particular motoring skill THREEPOINTTURN
Nutmeg’s raised pounds in contest __ it’s phenomenal MIRACLE
Ponder over water source feeding river DWELLON
Pressure on Polish hero worried deep thinker PHILOSOPHER
Pubs screening game Italy wrecked INRUINS
Queen attending summit in States disheartened, they say SPEAKERS
Relative devouring hot comic strip UNCLOTHE
Sound coming from empty stomach BEAR
Twerp in film, deep in thought COGITATING
Update devotional book? REWORK
Voyage lots of sailors talked of CRUISE
With cap still on, screwing one end up? UNOPENED

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