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The Guardian – Cryptic crossword No 28,532 – Aug 24 2021 Crossword Answer

Published in The Guardian Cryptic Crossword.

Clues Answers
Arrive on a higher note? PITCHUP
Boatman is into rock (a follower of Yes?) with this instrument TABOR
Boatman’s Boatman, you say? I don’t agree! MYEYE
Changes in speech implied stopping reparation AMENDMENTS
Cutting-edge music, selling well with City hipsters at first HITECH
Diverting to marina, which is in Sicily taormina
Elgar composition for portable organ REGAL
Formerly connected with every other member’s disappearance ONCE
Get another instrument — there’s a note missing REORDER
Get wrong note out with this instrument BUGLE
Head of conservatoire appearing again on radio, playing instrument ACCORDION
Horse around on instrument GONG
How to use veto to get leader from jesting with this instrument? BANJO
In refrain, trombone leads to start of music INTRO
Instrument is Spooner’s orchestral nightmare HANDBELL
Instrument of empty honour OBOE
Instrument’s voice, even used with acoustic of large venue OCARINA
Instrument, but missing bag SACK
Join up as part of orchestra TUBA
Liable to have start of music replacing run in trumpet TOBLAME
Look after work containing tangle of Mexican fruit TOMATILLO
Notes written here in Home Counties about tax return STAVE
One shows little authenticity in sound of instrument LIAR
Originating perhaps overseas, like Kathak, as a dance POLKA
Outlaws are sent legal IDs, lest these be discovered RENEGADES
Questioning start of gig, with band assumed sick GRILLING
Race with turns that are slippery CRESTARUN
Ridiculous orange beast ONAGER
Six-footer humming middle of sestet in key’s first error STINKBUG
Speculator, denying role in collapse, causes trouble ACTSUP
They satisfy a burning need but their clients always arrive late CREMATORIA
Three notes with bow out RETIRE
Unfashionable dance music causing muscle contraction LAT