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The Guardian – Cryptic crossword No 28,540 – Sep 2 2021 Crossword Answer

Published in The Guardian Cryptic Crossword.

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Clues Answers
‘Little river’ one will present here RILL
A drop of rain once more elevated river NIAGARA
A pair of females streak, creating disturbance AFFRAY
A socialist gets to sit back inside, being detained ARRESTED
Artist dunking pencil into beer PORTRAYER
Bizarre ban __ all I must eat’s a Scotch egg, some claimed SUBSTANTIALMEAL
Bombast from silly rich Tories is to be ignored RHETORIC
Chase down weak animal round with heart aflutter RUNTOEARTH
Enjoys drink after chum’s come around LAPSUP
Examined? That’s not new after half-term PERUSED
Food enthusiast gobbles starter for lunch FLAN
Guardian boss goes after officer __ factual accounts shouldn’t be this! COLOURED
Home help with a superior manner keeping quiet AUPAIR
Idiots given notice __ such must face the reckoning ASSESSEE
Make familiar sound of a zany ACQUAINT
Mother figure spreading heavenly food around party MADONNA
Pleasant life or still life? ABOWLOFCHERRIES
Poor cast includes three from Swedish group SHABBY
Publicist with gift for concealing decline PRESSAGENT
Put in lodgings right by unusual tree in courtyard QUARTERED
Relations to make trips, heading off AUNTS
Revolutionary with others turning up in compound CHELATE
Silk suits more crumpled I’m to get rid of TUSSORE
Simple fellow eating nothing gets wind SIMOON
Something handed out for daughters to tuck into __ it’s child’s play DODDLE
Tongue-tied Oxford don to make love with hesitation SPOONER
Tree choked by parasitic plant in a miserable state MOPINESS
What gives some gripes __ tomato sauce PESTO