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The Guardian – Cryptic crossword No 28,543 – Sep 6 2021 Crossword Answer

Published in The Guardian Cryptic Crossword.

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Clues Answers
… left at home with spouse forming connections LINKING
American forces let out of living quarters for the ship’s crew FORECASTLE
Articles about German left in charge of the Church of England ANGLICAN
Bird chewing a pencil PELICAN
Container for plant covering large part of garden PLOT
Drink close to optic found in bar NIGHTCAP
Drink in plastic container ASTI
Egyptian god with large flag OSIRIS
Evil master has drink with leaders of Farc in Columbia MALEFIC
Get gold carriage LANDAU
Group covering English cloth in tape? RECORDING
Jockey free to meet queen … RIDER
Minister put instrument into new ranch CHANCELLOR
One cart adapted to carry troph­ies returned lacking balance ASYMMETRIC
One end of cake covered in stuff from the dairy SINGLECREAM
One giving fellow at university gold DONOR
Piece of music over before spoken introduction to evensong PASTORALE
Piece of writing about short official order for health professionals MEDICS
Pressure to leave friendly colleague ALLY
Saint broadcast short mass in Turkish city ISTANBUL
Search and rescue by operations leader into nasty gasses across large part of the North Atlantic SARGASSOSEA
Second small fib about Democrat’s fall from grace BACKSLIDE
Shelter given to base of weak vegetable LEEK
Spaces hosting essential part of repeat performances ENCORES
Start to chase unruly male animal CAMEL
Swindler chosen to play Hooray Henry? CHINLESS
Teams represented by band getting the upper hand MASTERING
Vegetable seed scattered around bottom of hedgerow SWEDE
Wealthy professionals drinking super old cocktail PROSPEROUS