The Guardian – Cryptic crossword No 28,720 – Apr 1 2022 Crossword Answers

Clues Answers
A sober lover left devastated by this music RAVELSBOLERO
Abandon computer studies completely? I don’t believe you LEAVEITOUT
Bear was very loud during short life BIFFO
Cleared one ensnared by drug for adults EXONERATED
Criticise musical style with standard backing RAP
Did I guess incorrectly? It’s intentionally misleading DISGUISED
Disorder in dingy port needs some backing ENTROPY
Dodgy character turned over celebrities SPIV
Family member that is immersed in new church NIECE
Football legend receives 2 billion for a small stone PEBBLE
Greek character on terminus, having no small change MUTATION
He takes on themes known to experienced types? THEROPES
Her poem on change may be arousing for others PHEROMONE
It rearranges soil when the marrow is loosened EARTHWORM
It records speed on river DASHCAM
Knights, perhaps, caught defecting Nazi soldiers CHESSMEN
Model order obeyed by well-disciplined setter? SIT
Offer alien a bathroom facility BIDET
Online distortion for current movement that may be climate-changing ELNINO
Pop turned back as I entered to say goodbye ADIOS
Reading short review describing negotiations HORSETRADING
Rebellious daughter isn’t concealing viewpoint DISSIDENT
Respite from work, which is not going well? OFFDAY
Saw dog wearing lead PROVERB
Slowly introduce prayer for dead fellow involved in action DRIPFEED
Smart card contains expensive piece SIDEARM
Tenor, out of practice, is however reliable TRUSTY
University head taking risk with rollover CHANCELLOR
Work against producing token performance COUNTERACT
You often get aches, when starting these exercises YOGA

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