The Guardian – Cryptic crossword No 28,722 – Apr 4 2022 Crossword Answers

Clues Answers
Album full of possibly illegible signs? AUTOGRAPHBOOK
Appropriate vehicle hired again outside RELEVANT
As medic, I locate some back pain COLIC
Baby’s bed, which is let down from top of building CRADLE
But there is no whisky in this bar snack SCOTCHEGG
Even Shylock didn’t demand this extravagant payment (2,3,3,1,3) ANARMANDALEG
Feature on a country CHINA
Fungal infection beginning to weaken otter at sea WETROT
Having drunk water, ask for bloody food RAWSTEAK
Hedge a market, struggling to succeed MAKETHEGRADE
House arrest restricts woman’s assembly GATHERING
Land soldier who’s dropped, not straight, clutching uniform PARAGUAY
Manipulator jerks toe in a very big way OSTEOPATH
Monsters making a lot of progress OGRES
Moral behaviour from the start in every true heart, it’s common sense ETHICS
One gets severe criticism here, where wine is corked INTHENECK
One saddled with a set of songs CYCLE
Poet sounds exhausted DONNE
Prohibit giving publicity to old writer PROSCRIBE
Reprimand, as Conservative holds site for redevelopment CHASTISE
Screams, mixed up with a slaughter MASSACRE
South African plant makes for refreshing drink PROTEA
Statesmen changed limit on welfare MEANSTEST
To line, add a new tree ROWAN
Train expert in roses in a different way ORIENTEXPRESS
Trim round notice for procession PARADE
Where a virgin is after a lion? ZODIAC
Witch’s cat perhaps may be very recognisable FAMILIAR

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