The Guardian – Cryptic crossword No 28,725 – Apr 7 2022 Crossword Answers

Clues Answers
… runs away from case of deplorable valets possibly trashing vehicle DESERTS
Author’s latest books inspired by this, but in Latin accent RHOTIC
Bring back old American guitar AXE
Car limited by course that’s lower DIMINISH
Characters in highbrow hit established as brightest WHITEST
Description of Kane, for example __ captain’s first in this oddly calm state CITIZEN
Enemy runs away from front … FOE
Farewell drink served after five VALE
Feature of theatre role __ having boob exposed at the start PARTERRE
Flipping focus to watch sailor boxing CGI-produced lion, say BIGCAT
Get used to a diet short of stuffing and without gravy ADJUST
Initially fall in love with mass entertainment FILM
Kettle blew up __ ultimately going off fine dining CORDONBLEU
Make a mess of hairpiece, occasionally sold for sport TOUSLE
Mood tense over missing gold sovereign TEMPER
Off-colour setter taking bait occasionally __ unlucky ILLFATED
One has wings __ told to taste without seasoning? TRIPLANE
Perhaps Cher’s in bed, scratching bottom DIVA
Perhaps limpet mine finally smothered by military unit before capture SEASNAIL
Proceed without pause, wanting, for example, to take legal action SUE
Quickly run through dance at a distance REELOFF
Reason for acting in new movie, capturing actor’s essence MOTIVE
Retrospectively judge a republican government RAJ
Some smear campaigns provide spin ARC
Star announced support for record company’s move overseas EMIGRATE
Stop visiting suspect with diamonds hidden all over the place UBIQUITOUS
Take away dude misbehaving in front of court DEDUCT
Tango to mimic Diet Coke, regularly finding means of copying pop TAPEDECK
Tavern’s opening has beer enthus­iasts returning __ it’s over the road? TARMAC
Trouble from school next to motorway __ that is loud MISCHIEF
Underwear as present __ for the most part found by a student in M&S THERMALS
Unnamed fell runner SKI
Volunteers and politician forming compact TAMP
Will blush given they’re all naked __ it’s unreal ILLUSIVE

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