The Guardian – Cryptic crossword No 28,731 – Apr 14 2022 Crossword Answers

Clues Answers
Absurd English not to be found in our clues, I’d fancy LUDICROUS
Bits of stone troubling the lions NEOLITHS
Conservative lot with love for something inexpensive CHEAPO
Crossing the globe, exceedingly word-wise VERBALLY
Dark liquid that could be cloudier CRUDEOIL
Guest room rather awkward for baby carrier SURROGATEMOTHER
Inflexible, as Stalin once could be NONELASTIC
Little old star, no posh god OSIRIS
Old-fashioned US politician with something lyrical DEMODE
One corresponding offers two similar endorsements, one deficient VISAVIS
Open up, as you might say, an old letter UNCIAL
Over and done with computers etc __ too old PASTIT
Past attempt to one’s heart’s desire AGOGO
Promoter travels by ship, it’s said, to island SALESMAN
Quantity of works with no date OPERAND
Rock is first thing for teenagers after school SCHIST
Sentimental mum with desire to restrict kid, initially MAWKISH
Snow? All right to seek shelter in church COKE
Stir created by retreats with slight confusion at the end ROUST
Takes liberties quietly and then gets back to business PRESUMES
To sit down outside wood is most foolish RASHEST
Viewer more adventurous __ what’s being screened? BEHOLDER
Viewer’s screen’s made of metal with authentic coating RETINAL
What could become a son’s lavish feed? LOAVESANDFISHES
What troubles me is adult being affected SIMULATED
What’s spewed out by politicians, ladies and gentlemen? LAVATORIES
Wife badly affected, just a bit WHIT
Worm is found at foot of a cliff ASCARIS

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