The Guardian – Cryptic crossword No 28,735 – Apr 19 2022 Crossword Answers

Clues Answers
A bit of her novel is set within Scotland’s borders SHRED
As a finish to hatter’s ambition? TOCAPITALL
Bishop walking and picking fruit BRAMBLING
Blackbird’s dish? BOWL
Brexit negotiator swaps note with Republican fence BARRIER
Business relationship AFFAIR
Discontented Japanese leave teas, wanting Eastern favourites DARLINGS
Elves are beautiful in elegant stripy tops FAIRIES
Ground flour? Of course, no longer sure __ it’s faded OFFCOLOUR
How to maintain an accurate tally of fortified towers? KEEPCOUNT
In the Mirror, comic Brand plugs impression of wine RIOJA
King breaks nose, shirtless, of rugby player HOOKER
Long to decorate? Not I! PANT
Lord installs square safe PETER
Material carried by wobbly crate LYCRA
Missed final? Nothing replaces Arsenal’s crown LOST
More flexible to take Latin during meal SUPPLER
National enters 25 countries LANDS
Naughty child can regularly keep reading TINKER
Novelist drops back knowing one’s a pest GREENFLY
Penny’s annoyed by design originally being copied without permission PIRATED
Pisa can’t be rebuilt by leaders CAPTAINS
Queen always follows a half of stout with tablet GUINEVERE
Sailor steals one advanced piece of jewellery TIARA
Short reptile in half of China CROC
Simultaneously elected soldier and three students taking English INPARALLEL
Soldiers go back-to-back during exercise, 1 out of 10? PIGGIE
Time for an old political journalist DAY
Walk dogs, perhaps in retirement STEP
Welsh football manager once hugged by Kitty as ‘a man of the people’ POPULIST
Whisky calls? BELLS
Woman returns recent delivery with contents missing WENDY
Young people cry when lifted up over your head BOYS

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