The Guardian – Cryptic crossword No 28,736 – Apr 20 2022 Crossword Answers

Clues Answers
Bighead Romeo coming in __ he loves being on the job ERGOMANIAC
Coffee planters destroyed son’s private property PERSONALEFFECTS
Comic actor’s hugging widow (who might get the hump) DOWAGER
Current resistance breaking around capital ACCRA
English poet who’s liable to lash out? SPENDER
Fail to pick prize up __ fifty in stock DRAWABLANK
Female, one in school, is looking humourless POFACED
His missus being unfaithful makes him horny CUCKOLD
Image of Bill deep in conversation TABLEAU
Incident not beginning in Trafalgar Square EVEN
Island that’s good for religious leader MULLAH
Kill fellow getting closer outside DOFOR
Killer from Portugal caught __ arrested by state police PRUSSIC
Looked good impaled GLANCED
Maybe you can finally, you said, have children? Not so! EUNUCH
Open hosting North American team UNSCREW
Physical coming-together? Duke is accepting restraint on movement FISTICUFFS
Prince’s saying more protection PADDING
Really wanting bishop to avoid making spiteful comments ITCHING
Sale’s not open? UNDERTHECOUNTER
See 16 ACID
Simpson losing head in drinking spree? He may be a facilitator BARTENDER
Singer Jones carries on, not yet proven ALLEGED
Spat hard bit of sausage out TIFF
Stig mostly capable racing around though it’s not good for the environment PLASTICBAG
Take off after sign of approval __ lounge finally is carpeted TICKEDOFF
Thailand? I’m confident it’s mainly Buddhist TIBET
Time went quickly when discussing complaint BIRDFLU
Told Pip to give up CEDE
Vicar obliged to hold tree CAROB

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