The Guardian – Cryptic crossword No 28,738 – Apr 22 2022 Crossword Answers

Clues Answers
Allow to get into round: it could be for the better ROULETTE
Annoying large one, entering place for fight RILING
Clobber in ring? One packing punches around top of ribs BOXERSHORTS
Damaged and knocked out when caught? FLAWED
Father and I with close acquaintance FRIEND
Flamboyant jumper worn by short male ROCOCO
Frame of other picture shot round island PUERTORICO
Fully fit WELL
Fury’s beginning to swell after punch that’s light FLAMBEAU
Fury’s leader at the end: previously put on ass ONAGER
Governor-general against boxing legend VALI
Hard men punching to weaken part of the torso THORAX
I can’t wait for rumble that’s taking place ROLLON
Long right jabs this close to heavyweight THIRST
Open up one with sharp blow UNWRAP
Perhaps a cockney chicken: we hear one shouting YELLER
Plant left one at the close to seal a victory LAVENDER
Present a fight around that time THEREABOUT
Ripped: topless professional fighter in ring TORERO
Round Three over, finally getting the bell RINGER
Some adventure now needed for glory RENOWN
They’re put down on canvas? Beat one’s that’s run out of craft in the main? OILSLICK
Training part that’s boring DRILLBIT
Turn to corner to fix things DOGEAR
Ungracefully fleshy: admit being out of shape HAMFISTEDLY
Whips bloke boxing one with conviction FLAGELLA

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