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The Guardian – Cryptic crossword No 28,748 – May 4 2022 Crossword Answers

Published in The Guardian Cryptic Crossword.

Clues Answers
A bad, cruel criminal __ be off, wicked nobleman! DRACULA
A learner falling short __ the first person to go under in this world? ACADEME
Appear in birthday suit and risk boredom? HAVENOTHINGON
Breath-sweetener is something nutty, we hear CACHOU
Bridge partners at table drinking pop SPAN
Catch a cold in a public vehicle __ you can count on it! ABACUS
Chief leader writer, fiery beast PENDRAGON
Cook offering horse? Not English, bad! CHARGRILL
Decline right away, leading to death DECEASE
Distinguished women collecting silver they’re awarded DAMAGES
English politician on way to board at Heathrow? EMPLANE
Finally some money secures protective gear __ so workers are properly this? EQUIPPED
Gushing tap at basin for adult inducted in water ceremony? ANABAPTIST
Hard barriers, old and new, within seats STONE
Instrument, one featured in short book VIOL
Language of terrible boaster carrying zero credit SERBOCROAT
Macedonian general suffering from Oedipus complex? ANTIPATER
Maybe one’s time to break for this LUNCH
News agency man needing extra time to speak again REUTTER
One hat on husband following church party CEILIDH
Savage very dry? Just a bit BRUTISH
See 16 WALLS
Shoddy stuff aboard ship piles up STACKS
Sort of deficiency that brings back bitterness in European Union ULLAGE
The French fools __ they’re cut off and wet LAGOONS
Unfinished book in which lad engages with computers etc SANDITON
Voltaire exuding anger could become a sort of green LOVAT
What could make adult shortly be led astray? Being this? DELUDABLE
Worker in 16, genius at home becoming quiet EPSTEIN