The Guardian – Cryptic crossword No 28,750 – May 6 2022 Crossword Answers

Clues Answers
… denied profits and funding GAINSAID
Better country with 20% less stock CAPITAL
Capers in mains, oddly, yours truly fed to cook MISCHIEF
Dance with great skill where oil’s found DISCOVERY
Diamond edging for rich decoration on vehicle RHOMBUS
Echoing musical with two notes raised IMITATIVE
English playmaker Jack heading for nightclub in drag OSBORNE
Entering eg Qatar, granddaughter went abroad EMIGRATED
Intended name removed from fund … FIANCE
Love trendy coats Oscar’s wearing EROSION
Memorable words of Tramp and Anto to put out SLOGAN
Mingle in club owned by Jagger, we hear INTERMIX
New Labourite losing head, with yen to be flashy LAIRY
Nuanced translation of dialogue ignores it SUBTLE
Obstacle to getting off home? One moans terribly INSOMNIA
Obtain energy, conserving energy DERIVE
Order rubbish with a little butter to get sent back DIKTAT
Picturegoer gutted about some current spoiler? PAMPERER
Pounds given to one with potential for debt LIABILITY
Register egg being eaten by tragic figure, along with large bap ELECTORAL
Row in boxing arena because of matches where severe blow is likely ROARING
Scrap the second group picked up SETTO
See 1 ROLL
See 27 WELL
Setter about to eat £25 Caesar salad, perhaps EPONYM
Visibly, it’s where drinkers are left in charge INPUBLIC
What may be perfect figure with statue’s outline TENSE
What you must pay great pianist heard on piano with lyricist LISTPRICE
Wise bird swallows start to irritate ERNIE

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