The Guardian – Cryptic crossword No 28,752 – May 9 2022 Crossword Answers

Clues Answers
A fifth of money put in collection so far ASYET
A lover of priestess carrying cross for great king ALEXANDER
A period of fasting among sources of fruit and sweeties VALENTINES
American throne for English king JOHN
Caught, unlike priests __ in court, sort of CLAY
Closed with rite in unusual order, like monks in monastery CLOISTERED
Curate muddled about name for mythical creature CENTAUR
Ecstasy among RC saints confused scriptwriter SCENARIST
Elected with no change in Washington, pure and simple INNOCENT
Figurative expressions translated by 11, 21, and 27, say, apart from first page TROPES
First in a certain line, second cutting in __ bother! PESTER
Follower of uniform writer of history? VICTOR
For example, interrupting tardy representative LEGATE
Gift I can point out __ what preacher’s good at PONTIFICATING
Like some big game one bungled in series LEONINE
Like some puzzles in mathematics THEMATIC
Monarch once put foot down on female party member? STEPHEN
Name of woman the Devil upended with triumphant expression NATASHA
Not successfully treated, a priest abroad died UNCURED
One old-fashioned object of veneration IDOL
Prophetic text in final letter going into East European port EZEKIEL
Religious aid on which one can count ROSARY
Religious alliance in turbulent age he and you’ll put together HOLY
Resisted leader of flock repeatedly going outside closed circle FENDEDOFF
Ring on bishop, with gemstone, ornamental article OBJET
Role for Catholic woman once in charade __ a con, essentially DEACONESS
Swallow cocktail the second one’s left MARTIN
Time to remember rising in Dublin and Rome? EASTER

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