The Guardian – Cryptic crossword No 28,753 – May 10 2022 Crossword Answers

Clues Answers
Bringing forward time of festival causes problem TEASER
Commotion behind boundary where birds may be sheltering HEDGEROW
Elsinore’s philosopher/statesman possibly becoming rasher? DANISHBACON
Exclusive party in extremity adopting new name HENNIGHT
Exhaust Spooner’s dim individual TAILPIPE
Fluid feeder we left on patio ultimately getting drier TEATOWEL
Freshly made naan bread dropped by Indians ANNA
Ground where one’s introducing current US president EISENHOWER
Let fly, as good dressmakers should? HAVEAFIT
Making craft turn, bearing east SEWING
Male in scrambled aircrew fighting atrocity? WARCRIME
Most hesitant mum so far cradling son SHYEST
Mountain dweller to remain in climbing team IBEX
National workers’ group taking on half of work TURK
Playwright’s brother with genuine following in his own country BRECHT
Pound secures extravagant type of cheese COTTAGE
Press going through borders work together JOINFORCES
Pub extended primarily behind region of vestibule INNEREAR
Public toilets, just half serving men, one gathers CONVENOR
Pure substance dissolved in addition to salt ABSOLUTE
Reflexive pronoun is left out ITSELF
Scientist ordered to abstain initially refused BOTANIST
Scraps applications for medical treatment PATCHES
Sovereign states dealing with charity REALMS
Stylish sports side eliminated POLISHEDOFF
Suspicion at first about tenor’s singing style SCAT

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