The Guardian – Cryptic crossword No 28,758 – May 16 2022 Crossword Answers

Clues Answers
A range that can be heard AURAL
Celebration that might follow discovery of a dinosaur’s femur? SHINDIG
Cheese is available in limited amounts EDAM
Conductor’s toys RATTLES
Didn’t cheat, having toyed with blonde PLAYEDFAIR
Excites readers? KINDLES
Expression wears thin when spoken PHRASE
Finally note charity’s songs of praise PSALMS
Finish last, beset by flat tire and engine failure, potentially fatal LIFETHREATENING
Free trader is stocking Goya, Chagall and Cezanne at last ARTDEALER
Harry’s one drawback, capturing the heart of citizens WIZARD
Heart attack may be actually about right INFARCT
Intelligence about artist giving rise to natural conflict IRAQWAR
It’s mighty fine to go round a street endlessly OAKTREE
Lament getting temperamental around November MONODY
Latest version making me old? NEWMODEL
Leaving nursing home, sign on form for discharge RHEUM
Left murder victim’s identific­ation tag LABEL
Lethargy shown by overweight Miguel taking clothes off FATIGUE
Monitor feature that’s needed for premeditated murder COLDBLOODEDNESS
Move swiftly into the westbound autostrada DART
Old fogies wandering around south London neighbourhood ISLEOFDOGS
Passion of Dior ultimately found within vintage Vogue covers VERVE
Pelvic floor exercises for footballers LIVERPOOLFC
To begin with, lack of energy overwhelms wild fling’s durability LONGLIFE
Try underground in trade, reversing basic principles GOLDENRULES
W is for weapon WARHEAD
Where to have a cuppa? With commander in rented building TEAGARDEN

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