The Guardian – Cryptic crossword No 28,762 – May 20 2022 Crossword Solutions

The Guardian – Cryptic crossword No 28,762 – May 20 2022

Clues Answers
A wife in addition for knight GAWAIN
Batter in feast containing half of lemon? EYELID
Bird caught in hail, heading for empty space LATITUDE
Block of rubbish under potassium and iodine KIBOSH
Church leader on starship THATGO
Cocktail: good drink quaffed by sweet Fanny Adams? PINACOLADA
Guide for watch started admin when distracted STANDARD
Heads banging on low bedroom ceilings? Those are frightful! (6,4,2,4,2,3,5) THINGS
Lost nursing home initially remains here? ASHTRAY
Monk would have sat here quietly, Trappists ultimately needing vice, say? PIANOSTOOL
Old dressing on, certainly! AGREED
Old player in cricket team backed by leader of Conservatives — would one often open for Churchill? CIGARBOX
Prepare to sail vessel, cape appearing in hour at sea UPANCHOR
Propose a trip round capital of Vietnam ADVANCE
Clues Answers
Red robin, for example, flew off earlier LEFTWINGER
Reportedly, girl tricked a reptile ANACONDA
Scottish town briefly captured by poor country BELGIUM
See 20 TIME
See 4 KICK
Spotted punishment? PENALTY
Very English trebles, song surprisingly Italian GENOVESE
Wave altered and hit bluff IDLE
Worker gets peasant etc beaten up — not much of a fight HANDBAGS

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