The Guardian – Cryptic crossword No 28,765 – May 24 2022 Crossword Answers

Clues Answers
Absolute straightforwardness putting outsiders off IMPLICIT
Bird, one leaving a message? TWEETER
Choosy lads spoilt in time at Rugby, say SCHOOLDAYS
Currency to recover, most importantly? CENTRALLY
Dash employed by various printers SPRINT
Dissent shown by American gangster meeting official REFUSAL
Endless commotion outside? Inside you once played TOYED
Frothy stuff in bird’s hole in the ground CUCKOOSPIT
It’s more damp __ being changeable, as it were SWEATIER
Late entertainer, greatest in the cemetery? MAXBYGRAVES
Little child is involved in a deception __ gets punishment CHASTISING
Mad turns creating shock STUN
Most elegant dog’s seen in court CLASSIEST
Musician with superior number appearing in catalogue LUTENIST
New combination of art and levity in screen entertainment REALITYTV
One self-boosting drug obtained, something really good EGOTRIPPER
One’s scrutinised an explosive device in river EXAMINEE
Parliament, one about to give a long account ILIAD
Red in revolutionary wrongdoing TROT
Refinement of holy woman going round a church NUANCE
See shiner among Democrats go dangerously leftward DOGSTAR
Ship’s engineers rush up TRADER
Show contempt for doctor, conveyed by digital signal BEMOCK
Stokes is bowling? That’s a blessing! BENISON
Substance (heroin) found in part of Ireland MEATH
Tell all this band is ordinary FESS
The English do is not normal IRREGULAR
They had characters arranged in circles in old offices DAISYWHEELS
Uninspiring game LAME
What sounds like zero marks NICKS

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