The Guardian – Cryptic crossword No 28,773 – Jun 2 2022 Crossword Answers

Clues Answers
African animal, howler gobbling bird with wings pulled off GIRAFFE
Author taking month to pen a novel that’s half-hearted NABOKOV
Booty I see lying back in bath HOTTUB
Country India commended? DOMINICA
Drop a brick on toe: sit up if not broken (3,4,4,2,2) PUTONESFOOTINIT
Fifth in Crufts, I’m amazed obedient dog moped, say TWOWHEELER
Genius running oxygen tunnel into nose PRODIGY
Help out when gold potty lost in bathroom? DOWNTHEPLUGHOLE
Holding swallow tail in fist, pluck bird GREATTIT
Hot first of all in equatorial region, opposite then is cold EROTIC
Hounds gone to the dogs — with bare paws? UNSHOD
Ladies and gentlemen relaxed briefly LOOS
Material popped up: three books with real worth initially condemned BUBBLEWRAP
Musical compositions, those going over some people’s heads? HAIRPIECES
Put out present in elevated position UPTHERE
Short table for fish CHAR
Small flat dish: slip in fruit PIEDATERRE
Spare item cut THIN
Swear, finding head of pigeon on shelf PLEDGE
War god somewhat miserable after uprising ARES
What one might say about sweet jar that seems sensible to some people ITTAKESALLSORTS
Where might one find each, so at least possible? (6,3,6,2,6) WITHINTHEBOUNDS
You smooth figure! THOUSAND

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