The Guardian – Cryptic crossword No 28,786 – Jun 17 2022 Crossword Answers

Clues Answers
Acclaim novel method when scrubbing inn OVATION
After new trouble, save digital enhancements here NAILBAR
Almost home, not from South American city HOUSTON
Answer on most of epic Faerie Queen TITANIA
Appealing on set or stage, entice running around TELEGENIC
Character blocking ball by old footballer in decline PASTONESBEST
Claims member tucked into alcoholic drinks ALLEGES
Elder statesman from Germany with zero cash abroad DOYEN
Harden cover son’s left out INURE
Judge, say, goes north round part of the summer GAUGE
List what fibbers do endlessly, one such as Boris INVENTORY
Newspaper’s lead article has sharp material NANKEEN
On isle, leave healthy food MANGETOUT
Out of school holidays, engaging one caretaker INTERIM
Perhaps have received ideal offer at first PRESENTPERFECT
Reportedly bestow the title of ‘sir’ on Picaroon? Time to party till dawn! (4,1,5,2,2) MAKEANIGHTOFIT
Scholar in fresh air catching bees RABBI
Single quantity of DNA that I’m allocated? MYGENERATION
Sought-after item from good pork pie manufacturer returned GRAIL
Supply airlifted for end of fast festivity EIDALFITR
The one rule broken in rigged vote TRUELOVE
The Parisian punching couple around hooter OWLET
Thousands round hotel area head for interior shade KHAKI
Tries to win over bowlers, say, in competition CHATSUP
Trouble right behind English in Second Division BELEAGUER
What Asian banks hold from half of factories etc INDUS
What female tanner may put on small strip SUNDRESS
Winging it in promo, politician to throw away £1,000 ADLIBBING

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