The Guardian – Cryptic crossword No 28,788 – Jun 20 2022 Crossword Answers

Clues Answers
Aloud, criticise a vote counter smoking this? PANATELLA
Assailant here needs a good hiding AMBUSH
Beans finished in seconds? RUNNERSUP
Broadcast skirmish, so touch up pictures AIRBRUSH
Communications that may bring a smile EMAILS
Crockery may be flying! SAUCER
Deer? Sounds like a cow at end of lane MOOSE
Eager to cause carnage, shortly bid to relax BLOODTHIRSTY
For the present, this part of tourist attraction remains open GIFTSHOP
King has horse slaughtered and ritually prepared KOSHER
Main road through most of Russian city that is in pieces MOSAIC
Mean to be taking off some rind? CHEESEPARING
Minister who sounds like a Charlie CHAPLAIN
Part of entrance security vital to flat KEYPAD
Pet, what are you in after nine gear changes? KITTEN
Pilot needs this to be highly accurate ALTIMETER
Places seethe with excitement for this race STEEPLECHASE
Regularly humbled rogue seeks top-class techie UBERGEEK
Remarkably rare find that is out of our range INFRARED
Replace electricity Her Grace wasted RECHARGE
Ride this, trampling over everyone ROUGHSHOD
Some Northern Irish players unhappy DOWNCAST
Spoke of part of arm RADIUS
Such a corrupt fund that is melting messily away SLUSH
Temporary break ruins routine print INTERRUPTION
The girl from Montpellier ELLIE
Two couches, a uniform between them smeared BEDAUBED
Under way a short distance AFOOT

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