The Guardian – Cryptic crossword No 28,789 – Jun 21 2022 Crossword Answers

Clues Answers
A number sitting in boozy US diner? BEANERY
Agree map at sea would show strength of current AMPERAGE
Angel’s help is unexpectedly making a task very easy SHELLING
Bikers take risks ignoring them __ hairy types! HANDLEBARS
Compliance in underwater action? SUBMISSION
Demanding book should include paintings TOILSOME
Desperate model, extremely small LAST
Dress at about one for Italian food RIGATONI
Final message poet composed with guile __ waste of time! EPILOGUE
Gets aboard vehicle, being outside school ENTRAINS
Glove making hit but missing the head MITTEN
Literary world to stroke good person in welcome GRUBSTREET
Machine’s very good __ was first to get running water PILE
Me __ native abroad to the south-east VIETNAMESE
Ministers persist in a stupid way PRIESTS
One member to broadcast, with little hesitation to be a wrecker IMPAIRER
Piggy is middle character of three in game PORKER
Pope found in English river __ a kind of fish TELEOST
President __ genuine fellow but spurned English TRUMAN
Runs? Opening bat will miss a century, I’ll say! RATHER
See 26 PEAS
Silly editing gets one fired up IGNITED
Slowly pass present back to grab attention WEARON
Socialist up for election hopelessly outperformed LEFT
Sounds like children’s author demanded money RANSOM

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