The Guardian – Cryptic crossword No 28,790 – Jun 22 2022 Crossword Answers

Clues Answers
A pint drunk before a film PATINA
Article describing 2 3 and 4 11 ITEM
Big jar, say GREAT
Bit of a thick skin that’s required to contact the Guardian? CALLUS
Busybody shopper, as originally depicted on TV? Triumphantly, yes DOTTY
Charmingly old-fashioned designer carries one QUAINT
Composition of the month? I see that’s also going around in Colombia CAPRICCIO
Crazy cooking keeps duck cold CORYZA
Cut back all around plant PRUNELLA
Discovering inclination is about right LEARNING
Flyer heralding a lovely short film TITANIC
Hero worship? Puck does have a go, after taking note IDOLATRY
It’s essential to calibrate this device SCALES
Nice days, clinching return of desire for outings JOURNEYS
Number that’s in excess NINETY
Point of view established WEST
Remarkable fight that’s seen from passing train? SIGNALBOX
Reportedly, the male host behaved like an ass HEEHAWED
Residents in very louvred part of New York QUEENS
Somewhat brassy, bilious hotelier’s wife SYBIL
Sounds like fantastic gun for acting president REAGAN
State in which there’s no point heading off for public service UTILITY
Support husband or wife online? ESPOUSE
The first sort of test in old solver’s book TIMOTHY
The rarest eagle? Of course it is! HOLEINONE
Thrilled about muck-up? That’s harsh! STRIDENT
What Salem’s Lot horrifically has __ the ultimate in scary foolishness ASININITY
Writer leaves maneater in locked passage CANAL

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