The Guardian – Cryptic crossword No 28,791 – Jun 23 2022 Crossword Answers

Clues Answers
Above performing with bra on show? Not quite ONTOPOF
Alas, sad Sid, missing Violet, is full of lust SALACIOUS
Argentina’s signature housing grant ASSIGN
Bird book, hardly concise BRAMBLING
Brave cooks wrapping date exotically, perhaps ADVERB
Dish busy playing with ball SYLLABUB
Edit makes cardinal turn? REDACT
Fish from dugout gone off GUDGEON
Grunge performed by elderly lead with a wheeze GOOD
Hard nut, so sure to get a beating STRENUOUS
Label attached to a southern county: ‘It’s saucy!’ TABASCO
Look associated with cunning jumbo? AIRCRAFT
Milk producers switched two entries in record — the woman’s deceived at first DAIRYHERD
Neckwear item, possibly one piercing a nearby feature CHAIN
Nosy Catalan’s casually abandoning pet NASAL
Pit workers abandoned short race? ORCHESTRA
Poet has no right to internalise American apprehension SUSPENSE
Powered vehicle of stone bound to lose its rear JETSKI
Regret shoehorning outdated record into lease REPENT
Sediment found by the Mexican common weed GROUNDSEL
See 6 IDEA
Spades used in check for tree product RESIN
State protects forged steel instrument CELESTA
Substantial magazine piece: ‘Put on weight’ SPREAD
Supportive of political paper? Keep going PROTRACT
Tactile, round sort of window LATTICE
They’re bound to work out ref’s needing specs ultimately SERFS
To keep down right, ruler has to oust Marxist leader REPRESS
Too often mistaken for an unimportant event FOOTNOTE
Visual aid gets royal person (not king) backing doctrine PINCENEZ

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