The Guardian – Cryptic crossword No 28,792 – Jun 24 2022 Crossword Answers

Clues Answers
A blow within faction, journalist getting shot Catapulted
A New York Yankee clinging to Washington come what may ANYWAY
Commending a grand pupil, working right away APPLAUDING
Disheartened envoy for one misses visual aids EYEGLASSES
Doctor Ken with antigen for Thomas? TANKENGINE
Harry Andersen caught ENSNARED
Hotel annex in which spectre finally materialised HAPPENED
In retro pubs it’s a popular liqueur PASTIS
Indigenous American’s uncle? PAWNEE
Jumper of sorts sprinted, covering a good length RAGLAN
Local agent’s ultimate green housing NATIVE
Men stopping to relax here? RESORT
Ongoing mutation of viral infection a bad sign? FLUX
Outcome of evacuating 50% of underground jail cells? DUNG
Pointed window essential in theatre LANCET
Pretentious school clothing’s in the van KITSCH
Retrieve cards, doubling black suits ACCESS
Setters like Hollywood productions ASPICS
Shock announcement of Times DAZE
Slip away when queen enters, overcome VANQUISH
Stone axes with no backs ONYX
Strangeness of headless corpse Inspector West finally cracks ODDITY
Strong fancy netting required after close of play YEARNING
Those in service favouring church society FORCES
Those traversing south-west state both uncovered prospects HORIZONS
Top-grade partners cutting post one intended to fill on board MAINSAIL
Women’s group storing free skater’s sports gear WATERSKI
£50 charges to procure exclusive dress for occasion BALLGOWN

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