The Guardian – Cryptic crossword No 28,794 – Jun 27 2022 Crossword Answers

Clues Answers
A youthful Barker’s serve wide at first WHELP
After a kind of dash, Ms Barker gets result ENSUE
American sports player is best to put on sports clothing SHORTSTOP
Another player, a robotic sort, not extremely cheery BORG
Aussie 14 champ here? (the completed grid represents one) COURT
Beginning to serve, drag shot SLUG
Chilean linesman in underground area NERUDA
Data about men serving in shade of 14 12 GREEN
English play around island EYOT
Faulty account penned by fashionable clergyman INACCURATE
Getting beaten doing badly in formal attire GOINGDOWN
Guys with no time for relations AUNTS
It’s from over the pond or marina with ace waves AMERICANA
More than one plain kid utterly rejected LLANOS
National sporting fixture on the radio THAI
PM about to persist in being workshy, say MALINGERY
Poetically add venom to poems no one trashed EMPOISON
Point won, having received ball supply ENDOW
Possible description of 14 ace at a decisive moment POINTOF
Refreshment that is ace, including bananas etc ICETEA
Servants keeping cold eggs for one player here MCENROE
Spy cracking lob shot with three players around, a common feature of Wimbledon WOMBLES
States herb covers minced meat item SAUSAGE
Summertime activity which requires seeding? LAWNTENNIS
Swagger when changing ends, creating interest GRAB
Swore a lawman will hold steady AFFIRMED
Trenches so safe when there’s been an upheaval FOSSAE
US linesman adopting singular position POSE
Wall hanging concealed in embarrassment ARRAS
What’s between the players overall NET
Work briefly on examination of part of the head TEMPORAL
Wrong call, periodically retracted, is rubbish OFFAL

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