The Guardian – Cryptic crossword No 28,796 – Jun 29 2022 Crossword Answers

Clues Answers
Blatant attacks said to cause financial difficulties for company OVERTRADING
City invested in finance that’s productive FECUND
Classical city built from always fashionable stone, reportedly CONSTANTINOPLE
Doctor rages after Freedom of Information exposes controversial food FOIEGRAS
Duke is captivated by foxtrot and tango FIST
Excuse criminal getting cheated CONDONE
Fairly standard community? PARISH
Goldcrest surgically gutted __ it should establish cause of death AUTOPSY
Groom employs art to deliver competitive recital? POETRYSLAM
Hotel sign including everything to indicate quality HALLMARK
How the Irish speak of knave crowned by Britain? BROGUE
Hypothesis that has no alter­native for these people THEY
Input fell dreadfully; it’s quite common PLENTIFUL
It goes around the edges of gloomy ravine GYRE
Legendary sailor’s succinct religious view? SINBAD
Maroon hair STRAND
Old building material containing rubbish tip waste EXCREMENT
One left his anorak after scrambling for rescue boat NOAHSARK
One worries about uncontrolled movement on new currency NEUROTIC
Poet, for example, among fifth-rate celebrities ELEGIST
Sex at home without love __ it wears things out EROSION
Straight flush? Smooth! EVEN
Took on title, as king abdicated initially ASSUMEDNAME
Turner embarrassed, getting flustered LATHERED
Uncertain place to go, when retreating into background AMBIVALENT
Undernourished family in southern US state SKINNY
Worried host deploring a wasteful chap after returning home THEPRODIGALSON
You should feel bad supporting artificial energy FORSHAME

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