The Guardian – Cryptic crossword No 28,797 – Jun 30 2022 Crossword Answers

Clues Answers
… and others made from steel, perhaps wasting money ETAL
Brief row interrupted by male standing up REMIT
Bungling sleuth close to Panther, a con man HUSTLER
Church only brewed tea CEYLON
Condition when expecting girl to follow quiet short boy PREGNANCY
Criminal nearly getting caught for theft LARCENY
Dancing actress covers excellent steps STAIRCASE
Daughter abandons laziness to eat son’s sauce INSOLENCE
Department helping to catch one against corruption DEPRAVATION
Fans of old vehicles … EXTRACTORS
Find woman wanting her third husband and child LAYHANDSON
For example, this is left in signal CLUE
How a tailor might make the grade? MEASUREUP
In high definition, I study the unknown HIDDEN
Independence campaign receives present for progress IMPROVEMENT
Lager top and fizzy cola served here? LOCAL
Lent hat to cricketer FASTBOWLER
Mind will wander with toy WINDMILL
Nothing in building complex has energy or colour INDIGOBLUE
Period regularly covering individual’s recollections, primarily in this? DIARY
Pulled one out of weird crash DREW
Quaintly charming being in school detention OLDE
Religious groups tour Rome on vacation to reveal mysteries SECRETS
Replace drink with vegetable SUPPLANT
Retires to Italian city overlooking the outskirts of Naples TURNSIN
Reversing vehicles over end of toes hurts! SMARTS
Seem to welcome tips from some expert peacemaker APPEASER
Spots head of curly hair CLOCKS
Still reaching for the stars during theatre night INERT
Thrilling vote for Republican, I see ELECTRIC

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