The Guardian – Cryptic crossword No 28,802 – Jul 6 2022 Crossword Answers

Clues Answers
A girl more suited for performance RIGMAROLE
Bank management furniture SIDEBOARD
Bear out of honey finally, after changing fiver VERIFY
Beaune, not the ultimate in wine, drunk with date and flowing water DANUBE
Brood that might be disengaged CLUTCH
Bullying has journalists con­vinced to drop leader PRESSURE
Course initially falls short in banqueting EASTING
Disease makes son shapely SCURVY
Drive time around noon __ can’t wait! URGENT
Employ information technology in low-key, on-screen assistance SUBTITLE
Fast current at the start makes you anxious INSECURE
Irish town’s company provides assistance to wine drinker? CORKSCREW
Is a consumer jailed without society? PUTS
List includes Independent Party ROISTER
Losing hair, Uriah Heep’s playing southern city of old EPHESUS
Maybe spreadsheet user thanks innovative Labour technology head TABULATOR
Old German’s attempt to interrupt call by hospital VISIGOTH
Pitch spread in piles SPIEL
Pound back on hot dog POOCH
Provided glass on a mobile ASLONGAS
Rival holding back Greek fashion FORGE
See 6 AWAY
Senior Tory leaders getting in by means of Panorama VISTA
Shortage of boxes? Shame, but no pressure SPARSITY
Sort of dress said to restrain a disciplinarian? STRAPLESS
To some extent includes cryptic spot DESCRY
Underwear that is contributing to heavy breathing PANTIES
Wagging tongues in your heartless youth YOUNGSTER
Wet person in debt included in cast SHOWERY
Wind is getting up __ fabulous flyer needs company SIROCCO

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