The Guardian – Cryptic crossword No 28,806 – Jul 11 2022 Crossword Answers

Clues Answers
Attractive fellow leaving print work ETCHING
Basically, he’s in a bitter environment ATHEART
Become angry when husband leaves? Get stuffed OVEREAT
Body temperature, approximately TORSO
Bum gets day in lock-up CADGE
Charlie is playing Henry for money CASH
Check out time for regime DIET
Critic used to demand entry KNOCKER
Detain worker — for nothing? INTERN
Favourite has lead perhaps — it could mean gold PRECIOUSMETAL
Good guides, who can be very talkative GUSHERS
Impossible for a knight to occupy dilapidated condo NOCANDO
In prison, I drag around some­thing to keep me warm CARDIGAN
It spreads cold vegetable over game CONTAGION
Log into a Tory’s daft predictions ASTROLOGY
Meet demands for programme facility APPEASE
Mislaid at sea around ship? You get the sack DISMISSAL
Peak current setter goes after ACME
Plot set up that supports sleepers? BEDFRAME
Promote happy class UPGRADE
Resent calling out characters in mid-canvas ENVY
Some children gawped over his ring WAGNER
Sound equipment Nigeria had distributed HEARINGAID
Special group request church to follow trusted leader TASKFORCE
Substantial cut in charity limits CHEWY
Summary arrest ROUNDUP
The way it’s positioned is a real benefit ASSET
Treat guest with grace — it’s not all bad! CURATESEGG
Unbalanced when mounted? Best not say it then GIDDYUP

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