The Guardian – Cryptic crossword No 28,807 – Jul 12 2022 Crossword Answers

Clues Answers
A pain in the neck about police officer GARDA
Accept wife’s appreciation of music WEAR
Being shelled, one commando unfortunately gets into difficulty ARMADILLO
Believer cross at robbery THEIST
Bird with muscles kept turning round, looking primarily for bouncer TENNISBALL
Butt of lowbrow gag __ poor fellow WRETCH
Divine creature in Mile End shop not revealing name ERATO
Divine-like poem one’s written during last month DEIFIC
Established diary has entry for November evening, Tory leader admitted LONGSTANDING
Eyes other blokes, discontentedly ORBS
Family spokesman’s reckoned he’d be staying with them HOUSEGUEST
Fighting here in North Wales ATLOGGERHEADS
Granada finally supply Bieber with a TV contract ABBREVIATE
Had nothing to do with key getting cut ESCHEWED
Have a go and weigh it! Rival uncertain GIVEITAWHIRL
Heartlessly allow bird to suffer __ animal! WILDBOAR
Journalist over the pond taken advantage of USED
Laminate used for worktops __ police workers supply it FORMICACID
Look at half a dozen we sent over VIEW
Maybe a Guardian feature about German child replaced CHANGELING
Ordered a book about criminal BADLOT
Relationships in trouble over independence issue LIAISONS
Right to compare with deposed king? LIEN
Sort out high night rates STRAIGHTEN
Starts panicking about money and also about drinks SMOOTHIES
That is upsetting about BBC boss __ untouchable but showing nerves EDGINESS
Waiting nervously for outcome, swimming not the snooker ONTENTERHOOKS
Writer of letter US prosecutor dismissed LAMB

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