The Guardian – Cryptic crossword No 28,808 – Jul 13 2022 Crossword Answers

Clues Answers
Accepts parts in films TAKES
After hostile takeover, call for better service lines COUPLET
Boulder’s smaller than this state capital, paradoxically LITTLE
Carbon I found in vessel, likewise gold, in hold SCISSORS
Configuration of two digits, fraction and trig function, we hear PEACESIGN
Correspondence excluding girl and mother from legal matters LETTERS
Cryptic from some clever expert, being extremely selective SECRET
Diamonds hidden by female in barrels — they’re for buyers CASHDESKS
Doesn’t acknowledge courtesy, oddly enough CUTS
Emperor, you heard, in 15 SEVERUS
Finishes off duck hidden by person in party to eat later on MOPSUP
In Pygmalion, is Eliza put on pedestal? LIONISE
Jenny, perhaps, appearing in fiction as young woman LASSIE
Line used in good books showing taste FLAVOUR
Lives protected by others in combat RESIST
New indication of discomfort about news agency other than supposed NOTASSUCH
Novice at wheel ex-students call a name: ‘he who works with pots’ LOBSTERMAN
Presents what players of a certain game finally have HANDSOUT
Removes edge or edges of blueprints BLUNTS
Reports on uninformative parts of books? COVERS
See 1 ROCK
See 11 PAPER
Shrub with white, not red, flower HOLLYHOCK
Something disappointing leading journalist’s written up in daily LEMONDE
Sort of oil in sort of lamp PALM
Taking object, servant I mistreated hides it TRANSITIVE
This symbolically and literally is wrapped in 23 FIST
What’s shown by changing positions of hands? Different poses fit a game PASSAGEOFTIME
Wrapping material is secured by super tape after repacking TISSUE

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