The Guardian – Cryptic crossword No 28,813 – Jul 19 2022 Crossword Answers

Clues Answers
A fantastic artiste offering short songs ARIETTAS
At home having endless quarrel, woman in rebellion INTIFADA
Avoid awful heap that is deformed MISSHAPE
Bird, the reverse of animal with intelligence GODWIT
City that has modern light source in also TOLEDO
Decarbonise road vehicle finally? Drink to that! DECOKE
England cricketer batting __ good, getting established ROOTING
Entry made by Walter shortly appearing in a social gathering ADMITTANCE
Exceptional performance, kind rendered in Shakespearean role PRINCEOFDENMARK
Failed to keep up and was supported GOTBEHIND
Fault seen in the German male who wanders aimlessly? DRIFTER
Gosh, a number coming to ruin in the country MYANMAR
Greek weed not the first to be cooked in dish KEDGEREE
It could be Roman feature just inside a church FONT
Maniac left in charge, upper-class Nationalist having got in LUNATIC
Partitioned gym’s set up over gallery SEPTATE
Place reportedly something worth looking at SIGHT
Psychological problem that could make us nosier NEUROSIS
Restriction lifted __ that is, for eating good creamy dessert BANOFFIPIE
Second child likely to cause an accident? SKIDDY
Senior relative not completely bananas NANA
Serious English author STERNE
Some high-life Tory creating a stink FETOR
Strongest in group takes flight, once beaten KINGOFTHECASTLE
Supplication helping to restrict return of travel ROGATION
Uncompromising princess leaves the region STRICT
Worse than dry? I’ll supply water HYDRANT
You idiot __ old philosopher’s taken in uncritical enthusiasts! YEASAYERS

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