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The Guardian – Cryptic crossword No 28,815 – Jul 21 2022 Crossword Answers

Published in The Guardian Cryptic Crossword.

Clues Answers
About to break two arms badly, making a heap of soil WORMCAST
Block A, location of Paul’s dramatic transformation DAMASCENE
Brooke, rugby union forward? RUPERT
Cheapo larch houses extremely cold POLAR
Climber’s cleat is abandoned around mountain top CLEMATIS
Did sponge with fancy pie and date? WIPED
Drug to be taken after meals __ bother! TEASE
English old gold coin one has for giving a lesson EDUCATIVE
Formation of timeless dark matter, eg on new area of productive land MARKET
Get touchy again, bringing rook into centre play RECONNECT
Head of the hospital department, Margaret, is a help in securing temporary accommodation TENTPEG
Holding back name for male leads to cursing DAMNING
Hot air added to temperature above station PADDINGTON
In short, ‘ermine’ is an expression TERM
Lawyers next to God, here in Scotland! BARRA
Limits of expansion in dull material DENIM
Man in Texas making testers EXAMINANTS
Mars is missing hydrogen supplies ARMS
Observe drinks holding temperature with sun WITNESS
One sat out after taking top from pot noodle? PASTA
Poetry virtually set in concrete __ a change for the worse REVERSAL
Rave organised by North American port stuck in routine RUNRIOT
Really important to get on someone’s nerves on air GREAT
See 18 NOTE
Skill in wangling ten spades? ADEPTNESS
Small sweet tuber SPUD
Snatch some sleep after Josh KIDNAP
Support end of pipe in watering-hole BEAR
They produce flavouring aids, seen in a different light ANISEEDS
Time to cuddle up to current bedtime companion TEDDY
Tolstoy’s lost, wilfully abandoned plays TOYS
What cows do with Mark is not nice LOW