The Guardian – Cryptic crossword No 28,820 – Jul 27 2022 Crossword Answers

Clues Answers
A northern wood said to be of great age ANTIQUE
Article by naturalist, primarily about birds AVIAN
Desert in 5, housing in it to gradually disappear, perhaps SPLITINFINITIVE
Display for announcer reporting traffic tailback? AUTOCUE
Examine reverse of Turner? Yes, surprisingly ANALYSE
Filth, say, rising across border GRIME
Hard setter on the Guardian ultimately supporting application ENFORCEMENT
Having taken wine in church, rector’s bursting CHOCKER
I failed to pick up that energy-packed cereal WHEAT
Indigenous American’s trousers not quite acceptable CHINOOK
Kestrel there flying round lake, confusedly HELTERSKELTER
Left over GONE
Measuring device, which we bank on at Easter time? SPRINGBALANCE
Noble champion and mate having a row PALADIN
Old Caledonians initially join a league comprising 8 sides OCTAGONAL
One aims for space playing cricket in tests, bagging duck ROCKETSCIENTIST
One king flanked by others in church KIRK
One putting on left-wing prosecutor’s rebuffed ADDER
Peer at actor, desperately holding teacher back ARISTOCRAT
Rail link — cretin trashed it years later INTERCITY
Renovator tipped varnish to restore front of mantel MODERNISER
Screen regularly to exclude rejected currency CENTIMO
Spectators’ place not available for rugby player STANDOFF
Square on which Parisian supplies drug QUININE
Stiffen precious material, naturally preserved for Tudor court STARCHAMBER
Tossing boat in which we see bird land BOTSWANA

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