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The Guardian – Cryptic crossword No 28,821 – Jul 28 2022 Crossword Answers

Published in The Guardian Cryptic Crossword.

Clues Answers
Kind of pipe that has distributed H2O over reasonable area HOOKAH
A top, not very abbreviated, in cotton fabric AERTEX
Announces conditions STATES
As tax may be, having set up island __ old money welcome EVADABLE
Assembled portrayal of it, following page just released PHOTOFIT
Block article’s description of a fragmented region BALKAN
Erasing mildly abusive word about a Conservative EFFACING
French philosopher’s timeless stuff out of top drawer? Just the opposite ROUSSEAU
I’m out and wandering around top location on Greek island MOUNTIDA
It’s a west-facing wine-producing area ASTI
Like court, or something happening there ATRIAL
Like you or me, fudged hard option ANTHROPOID
Liverpool player reportedly was crossing river for epic struggles STARWARS
Moved suddenly like cat __ concoction with cream secured WHIPLASHED
Not a tie, having broken through for province NOVASCOTIA
Not liking broadcaster’s pronouncement ANTI
Old American in Tennessee that may be full of beans TINCAN
Ostentatiously paraded a call for peace buried by opinion editor SASHAYED
Political allies upset about party? That’s a puzzle SUDOKU
Politically diverse assembly in no-win situation, liable to fall apart UNTIED
Put hands out for old port DEAL
Rudimentary ways in which chess beginner goes on offensive, capturing rooks one by one CARTTRACKS
Section in crowd of fans give bowler a lift? DOFF
Solicitously enquire about art fakes put out ASKAFTER
Son in scanty clothing __ scanty, indeed SPARSE
Stay behind with one kept in by staff again REMAIN
Temperature upset leaders in Haiti and another tropical island TAHITI
With no end in sight, ask the man why breather isn’t okay? ASTHMA