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The Guardian – Cryptic crossword No 28,826 – Aug 3 2022 Crossword Answers

Published in The Guardian Cryptic Crossword.

Clues Answers
… it reminds you to buy new silver product NAGWARE
A lovely head showing wisdom ACUTENESS
Billed one with some ingredients rising EIDER
Character who discovered Treasure Island after a large cut, we hear ALIBABA
Creature mainly living from fir nuts collected by squirrel STARFISH
Desire to be wealthy? Caviare is served AVARICE
Flipping rubbish hotel that mostly is solvent NAPHTHA
Food from scattered seeds: crop that might be corny? PROCESSEDCHEESE
Hang back to talk GAS
Ladder with its step shortened RUN
Might one break clay when firing? Or has potter messed up? TRAPSHOOTER
My servant works for church committee member VESTRYMAN
One planning romantic breaks with American husband MACHINATOR
Private home page INSIDE
Pulls in stomach muscles following end of liposuction NABS
Releases colour, like a peach? FREESTONE
Sailor also called port in Japan OSAKA
Second half of Kama Sutra covers ground that’s hot! SUMATRA
Second leg: in the dressing rooms? BACKSTAGE
Second note put in score is wrong SUPERTONIC
See 2 RAAB
Slipped disc, finally sent up on last pair of crutches ESCAPED
Stingy thing following sale, shelled out at the start: it might be in stock … BEEFALO
Tartan Army’s leader wearing top to support Portugal PLAID
Think tank ultimately concerned with Conservative squeezing RECKON
Top revealed belt OUTSTRIP
Tory MP virtually led into taxi following party DOMINIC
Understanding of golf pars when going round GRASP
Vegetable is raw, needing seasoning GREENPEPPER
Way of meeting online, mostly new __ once divorcee goes out to bag fellow VIDEOCONFERENCE