The Guardian – Cryptic crossword No 28,832 – Aug 10 2022 Crossword Answers

Clues Answers
A bishop about to leave RC church? This matter is insoluble SILICA
A fine corgi __ source of delight for one, possibly DOGFANCIER
Anger is heard in this old region GAUL
Ate hastily __ result of injury to mouth? gobbled
Baal centres? Very different from these places of worship! TABERNACLES
Bill enters revolutionary den of people RACIAL
Communicate what could be intricate, first off INTERACT
Eastern money brings expression of disgust over time BAHT
Expert to study din round second old city CONNOISSEUR
Fighter with various duties crossing lines DUELLIST
Fine religious book providing pieces of information FACTS
Friend in religious group names composer SCHUMANN
Get noticed, having blemishes? BESPOTTED
Glides in country dance, beset by impertinent talk SASHAYS
Indifferent in a way, having heartless set of values APATHETIC
Like something one might get from a letter? LEASABLE
Meat quickly offered, not half! CHOP
Messenger cut short one final message ENVOI
Musician offering support with hymns, regularly BRAHMS
My beer keeping cold in boat CORACLE
One without regrets maybe needing to change husband EDITH
Opposing element in camp, trendy about nothing in argument CONTENTION
President not supplied with right wine MACON
Protected customers sounded off endlessly about goods? Quite the opposite! WARRANTEES
River has a chemical found in pee UREA
Social ineptitude could make you ultimately cagier, eh? GAUCHERIE
Spooner’s water shining __ a warning signal BRAKELIGHT
This writer gets in taxi __ celebrity finally picked up CAMEBY
Very old university __ get irritated about ending of generous grant VOUCHSAFE
Write on this __ not extended record, short announcement NOTEPAD

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