The Guardian – Cryptic crossword No 28,839 – Aug 18 2022 Crossword Answers

Clues Answers
15 location’s endless wine GRAVES
Carnivore on rocky hill climbing over head of gazelle that stinks ROTTENEGG
Cheese sandwiches are cut for author BARRIE
Coastal area: Mexican artist touring one RIVIERA
Development of son I see, at least challenging EASIEST
Extremes of emotion in tedious passage, put on SCREENED
Flight where American girl leaves 15 location STAIRS
Fruity dish from 13 taking piano instead of trombone, originally DAMSONPIE
Game put on SPORT
Immigration of unknown number into 15 port, I gathered — is that feared by 15? KRYPTONITE
In uprising, king, a queen and a poor old African leader MUBARAK
Indian fitting in, by the sound of it, as commander of vessel SEACAPTAIN
Journalist holding book up, lower in rank DEMOTE
Junk dominates 15 location MAIDSTONE
More skilful old wife has escaped a quickie, say ABLER
Note echoing in some music MEMO
Object breaks damaged threads RAIMENT
Pure underwear, half with skirts off VESTAL
River in 15 location, centre of Luton to the west — 15 or Beds, for example? TETRAGRAM
Rock garden overlooking a Caribbean location GRENADA
Run somewhere in 15, not somewhere in Greater Manchester CANTER
See 26 OVER
Shark that’s more confident behind you USURER
Sibling separated from dysfunctional parent, finally understood KENT
Under a colleague, unctuous reprobate initially lay AMATEUR
University somewhere in 15 collapsed KEELED
Vessel with greenish fluid in hand on top of palm PASSENGERSHIP
Wood somewhere in 15 DEAL
Worryingly bad signs for corporations? ABDOMENS

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