The Guardian – Cryptic crossword No 28,848 – Aug 29 2022 Crossword Answer

Clues Answers
After starters of tapas, very delightful private meal on lap? TVDINNER
After victory sign, steer dad into street interview VOXPOP
Avoid being involved in support STANDBY
Beast about to grab a girl — not fair BRUNETTE
Cover small moor SHEATH
English railways directed up past it SENILE
Give a wrong idea of felon’s first conviction BELIEF
Happiness in life, moving to big place FELICITY
Have an iron prepared for old George HANOVERIAN
Heard some pressure in drain SUMP
In rehearsal hurry from beginning to end RUNTHROUGH
In super-busy environment had failed to feed little animal MADHOUSE
Initially high flyers sort of crack HAIRLINE
Language of associate academician and writer ARABIC
Master of camouflage worried, if scent found on meadow LEAFINSECT
More loved, even if up in price DEARER
Not very bright, about to father baby MIDGET
One working the land is used to steer TILLER
Pass bottom of slope and slip ELAPSE
Pouches in which commandos keep cape SACS
Press for admission to surgery URGE
Star smiles in bright lights SUNBEAMS
Starts to run over many classic old movies, this sort typical? ROMCOM
Think I’m trespassing in someone’s grounds ESTIMATE
To annoy old flame eat pears messily EXASPERATE
Used to be poor at the last with little around WERE
Wave going right through vessel BREAKER
Worthless people finally put in cellar BASEMENT

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