The Guardian – Cryptic crossword No 28,849 – Aug 30 2022 Crossword Answer

Clues Answers
Best to leave a reversing car MERC
Changing direction initially, Asian country makes a bit of a bloomer SEPAL
Criminal admits that hurt ability to turn a profit MIDASTOUCH
Darn! Flipping husband entirely rendered powerless in song WESHALLOVERCOME
Doves sport with great rook from the east PEACENIKS
Fabric coat from Versace with grim look VELOUR
Football club I sense is very bad VILLAINOUS
Good service, tennis ace GRAF
Guy’s partner, one meeting DiCaprio? The earth moved for him! GALILEO
Hit a socialist, punching another REACHED
In need of cracking fish in desperate need ENCODED
Intently watching, but missing a series STRING
Lorna likes men and women with time to make an expected contribution DOONESBIT
Man in nude possibly could be so described UNROBED
Mythical creature in mythology, tall tale with a twist in the tail? LORELEI
National symbol’s a revelation, it’s said LEEK
Old-fashioned drier whiskey __ double! WRINGER
Papers about musician, say, releasing tango for recorder DIARIST
Periodical suffering, lumbago’s back! HELLO
Race around dodgy bars with gin in mum’s cups NURSINGBRA
Rank of Iron Duke, holding appeal up FETID
Refuge of PM once, saving face LAIR
Report composed ought to include partners in play GUNSHOT
Ruled about case of snake oil provider LINSEED
Serving, give up point and play without purpose WAITINGFORGODOT
Sign I’m surprised crossing northerly tracks GESTURE
Suggest bottling old wine without any strength IMPOTENTLY
Try pirouettes without success in matching clothes TWINSET
Turf hunk out of Britain with tendency for trouble SODSLAW
Turkish bigwig’s yearly investing has bombed PASHA

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