The Guardian – Cryptic crossword No 28,851 – Sep 1 2022 Crossword Answer

Clues Answers
Advertise scent TRAIL
After game, gunners left country RURAL
Anyone can enjoy this ratio? FREETOAIR
Article about reconfigured IBM laptop originally offering digital protection THIMBLE
Awful vote against boxing disheartened sport NASTY
Corrupt play a disc for this? PAYOLA
Counter everything during my arrest COLLAR
Degenerate men get revolver ROTOR
Directly opposed support for endangered species POLARBEAR
Encourage doctor to wipe out source of salmonella URGEON
Events made less commercial with French and Saunders’ backing MEETS
Fibber describing golf __ and somehow they can make a huge distance LIGHTYEAR
Given up __ I’m one to leave military body with honour in retirement IMMOLATED
Handy fencing manual occasionally gives a pre-set option DEFAULT
Hide bay rum unfinished before start of prohibition COVERUP
Hurt woman with silver piercing, DAMAGE
Joint account’s now key __ loan’s expensive, first of all ANKLE
Little child’s line on, say, Sweeney TV show TODDLER
Medical emergency vehicle to help overturned motor with support CARDIAC
Mercenary guerrilla never bottles uprising VENAL
One readily admits graduates’ complete failure __ making university embarrassed, initially MASTERKEY
One with faith in artist putting time into expedition RASTAFARI
Regularly burnished gemstones, essentially yet to be mounted UNSET
Ship’s padre meets lad at sea PADDLE
Space base has small plants EMBEDS
Successfully book in a restaurant that’s accessible GETATABLE
Suffering from interminable preoccupation is hard ANGUISH
This writer will lobby doctor to start place for exercises DRILLHALL
Three fifths of Spice Girls’ focus on sex’s inner meaning SPIRIT
Vacuous Carry On Henry’s opening is carefree HALCYON

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