The Guardian – Cryptic crossword No 28,858 – Sep 9 2022 Crossword Answer

Clues Answers
Albert and his work (theoretical, not real) dealt with theory of relativity? (5,2,7,4,5) BLOODISTHICKER
Article on sport that’s wrong about old Louis? THEROUX
Cad turned on queen and popular old king TARQUIN
Could be true __ look, it was 12’s language ETRUSCAN
Early work might involve meeting with fellow in steak bar, possibly POWERBREAKFAST
Eco warrior originally arrested under nuclear dump NUMBERTWO
FA join? That’s handy! OFUSE
Get up around noon for wash RINSE
Gunners upset by a lot of Celtic’s rivals __ fix! ARRANGE
How food may be served with nothing spent from monthly allowance AUGRATIN
I win __ diagram has parts missing INDIA
I’m going to stop working in American university ADIEU
It’s nice to be back on road with better car HARDTOP
Keir, in short, the ablest in Labour? Nonsense! BLATHERSKITE
Magazine love story captivates daughter OLDIE
Meal’s off __ drink? HIGHTEA
Natural being uncovered, mask questionable __ it’s explained here with illustrations KAMASUTRA
Obviously cut down on workload but forced to come in DOUBTLESS
On the way to collect dope and unwilling to reconsider INTRANSIGENT
One spearing trout-like fish __ it might be easy CHAIR
Quite surprised __ Tottenham winger during season abroad showing good form ETIQUETTE
Returning home is largely painful for composer ROSSINI
Round container holds tablet and a lot of water OCEAN
Stripped bird in court where defendant stands (second time covered up) WOODSTOCK
Team about to board Bill’s vehicle TAXICAB
Tree, one in forest shedding bark unusually OSIER
[Don’t move sheep back over river] STAYPUT

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